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815 KAR 35:072

Certification of low voltage installers


As most of you should be aware of by now, the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction (the Department) pursuant to KRS 227A.150 has been working on a low voltage installer certification program for several years. The KYAFAA has been working closely with the Department and the Electrical Licensing Board to influence the structure of this regulation in a way that will make it both functional and practical.


The culmination of those efforts has resulted in the filing of a new Administrative Regulation, 815 KAR 35:072. Use this link to review the regulation in its entirety. (http::/

(CONTACT PERSON: Michael T. Davis, General Counsel, Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction, 101 Sea Hero Road, Suite 100, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-5412, phone 502-573-0365, ext. 144, fax 502-573-1057.)


As your board of directors we felt it our duty to make you aware of some of the relevant facts that will directly affect your business as it relates to all aspects of the low voltage work you may engage in going forward, and the new requirements you will be required to meet.


The following is a brief overview of the regulation, followed by some questions that have been posed in response to the regulation and the answers that have been provided, we will close with some information gathered by individuals in researching what is required to get tested and qualified per the guidelines of the regulation.


The following acronyms will be used throughout this document and are defined as follows: KRS- Kentucky Revised Statutes- are the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. KAR-Kentucky Administrative Regulations- are the standards set in order to meet the intent of the Kentucky Revised Statutes.


KRS 227A.150 limits the applicability of KRS 227A (existing law dealing with the licensing of electrical contractors) and requires the Department of Housings, Buildings and Construction to write the regulations (KAR) establishing the standards for experience, testing, and the fees associated with all forms of “low voltage work” Low voltage for the purpose of this regulation is defined as an electrical wiring system and control circuits directly associated therewith that consist solely of power-limited circuits meeting the definition of a Class II or Class III circuit as defined by NEC Article 725.


The regulation applies to any low voltage installation, alteration or repair of the described low voltage systems in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and to any applicant for certification as a low voltage installer. An electrician or master electrician licensed pursuant to KRS 227A.060 and 815 KAR 35:060 are exempted from this requirement. Anyone who is not licensed or does not hold this low voltage certification may only assist in this type work under the direct supervision of someone who is licensed per these guidelines. Direct supervision is defined as someone who is physically present at all times on the site where the low-voltage electrical work is being performed and who personally directs all work delegated to the unlicensed or uncertified person and remains immediately available to observe, instruct, and guide the unlicensed or uncertified person in his or her work.


Under 815 KAR 35:072 there are two classes of certification, the LV-G (general) and the LV-U (unrestricted) The LV-G can install, alter or repair any general low voltage electrical system or low voltage general alarm system but are restricted from working on Fire alarm systems or mass notification systems. You must have the LV-U certification to work on those systems.


The requirements for both certifications are the same with one exception; you must have 2 years relevant experience immediately preceding the application for certification and you must achieve a passing score of 70% on the ICC Kentucky low voltage electrician examination administered by an approved agency for both, but for the LV-U you must also poses and maintain a minimum NICET 2 certification in fire protection engineering technologies and fire alarm systems.


Tina Quire is the supervisor in the Licensing Department. ( 502-573-2002) The licensing requirement was just passed and is currently scheduled to go into effect July 1 2015. The legislation still has to go through the LRC (Legislative Research Committee) for final instructions before being sent to her department. Therefore it is still unknown how long everyone will have to become licensed once the requirement is in effect July 1.


The exam is called Kentucky Low Voltage Electrician exam #218 created by the International Code Council and is given through Pearson Vue Testing Centers. It is a 50 question, open book, multiple choice test over the low voltage requirements in NEC 2014. The exam costs 100.00 which is payable by credit card. It covers NFPA 70 (National Electric Code) 2014 version and Ugly’s Handbook of Electrical References. The exam is three hours and has 50 multiple choice questions. The following are some of the NFPA 70 sections that are being covered on the test:


- chapter 1 (article 100,110) which has a lot of the definitions that are used throughout the entire handbook.

- chapter 2 (article 250) section in this chapter on grounding and bonding.

- chapter 3 (article 300,310,312,314)

- chapter 5 (article 500,504)

- chapter 6 (article 640,645)

- chapter 7 (article 725,727,760,770)

- chapter 8 (articles all)


Don't forget the index in the back it is very helpful and remember it is a low voltage test so for the most part there are no questions about high voltage other than how low and high voltage circuits interface and when they can be ran together in raceways (conduit), cable trays, Etc. There are a lot of questions about different cable types and where and how they can be used.



Follow Step 1 and Step 2 instructions below to register for the exam:



> go to

> Under “view program information” select “contractor/trades”

> Right side of screen select “create account”

> Under “create account-select type” select “non-authorized candidates”

> Agree to terms

> Select “no. I do not have my ICNON ID” (You be assigned one later in the process)

> Complete the personal, email, and security info

> Write down name, password, ICNON ID info for next step


STEP 2….REGISTER FOR EXAM (when you think you are ready)

> go to

> Under “view program information” select “contractor/trades”

> sign in

> Under “non-authorized candidates” select “reschedule-cancel my account”

> View exams

> In search box type “218” and select “KY Low Voltage Electrician” go

> select “schedule this exam”

> select Kentucky

> Proceed to scheduling

> Select Pearson Vue testing Center of choice (I have used the Bishop Lane Center)

> Select date and time

> Finish checkout and payment

> You should receive email confirmation


If anyone runs into problems registering call Pearson Vue at 1-877-234-6082


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Reply Herbert Hess
12:04 PM on April 1, 2015 
Will there be a period where people will be "grandfathered" in to the new requirements like there was when KY went to statewide licensing of Electricians, Master Electricians and Electrical Contractors?
Reply Admin
6:39 AM on January 5, 2018 
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